Dealership Connection

Interactively connect to your dealership for all of your motoring needs with the click of a few buttons, in this conveniently located mobile App. Not only will this App perform all the tasks you'd expect from a dealer's web site, the best part is all your correspondence with your dealer remains in one place. Request Service bookings, approve repairs when your vehicle is in for service, view service costs and repairs over the life of your vehicle and much more.


While you're on the go you'll have access to vehicle information for all the cars you currently or previously owned (ADC dealer registration dependant for each vehicle moving forward). No need to search for books to remind you of your service history or sift through emails to find that message from the dealer. Service bookings are simple - no need to re-key in your name, contact and vehicle details. If your vehicle breaks down, you'll know where to look for your roadside assistance numbers or warranty policies. When out to dinner talking to friends you'll have access to the dealer's rewards system if you know someone who wants to buy a car. All this and more - it's all here at ADC.

Value add

This is a free app for Vehicle Owners who purchase their vehicle from a registered Auto Digital Connect dealership. Other features include the ability to set your default dealership for each of your cars, so if you move home or work and need to change your dealership, your App moves with you and continues to operate. You as the owner can also control the transfer of or show the service records of your vehicle's service history to a new owner to gain maximum re-sale value when it comes time to trade up. Best of all the new owner can register and continue with the App and it's benefits if they visit an ADC dealer.

Easy setup

All you need to do is purchase your vehicle from a dealership that is registered with Auto Digital Connect or purchase from an existing owner who has been using the App and is willing to transfer the history during a private sale. Once the App's change ownership process occurs the new owner will gain access to ADC's unique 'Automated' Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Dealer data controls that this app provides (Patent:AU2016102004). The ownership change process and instructions are driven through the App and also via email when the ownership change triggers are activated.


Vehicle Owners (End Users) are invited to download this app for Free from Google Play Or the App Store once they receive their invitation from a registered ADC Dealer. The invitation will provide instructions on how to verify ownership and collect access credentials. Once these are obtained, the vehicle owner can install the ADC App by selecting one of the following mobile device operating systems and following the install prompts.

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Key Features for Vehicle Owners

About Auto Digital Connect

This application is owned and operated by Auto Digital Solutions P/L a company dedicated to automotive dealers who are in the pursuit of the highest customer relationship performance in all areas of their business. This application is designed to connect dealers with their customers in a way which will help streamline both customer and dealer interaction to save time in the usual area's of customer service. Additional benefits flow to each user whether they be the vehicle owner or the dealer staff assigned to service customer needs. Not least of all there is a connection through loyalty and value add which can't be understated when the application and it's features are in play for customer and dealer.

Key Benefits for Vehicle Owners